Sunday, February 14, 2010

Variations on a Theme

Here are two outfits from last week

from top to bottom: headband from Target, scarf from a street vendor in Florence, Banana Republic sweater, American Apparel dress, thrifted slip, free leggings, J.crew knee highs, hand me down docs

from top to bottom: headband from Target, Rodarte for Target tulle shirt, Banana Republic sweater, Madison Marcus dress, thrifted slip, free leggings, J.crew knee highs, hand me down docs

Excuse this picture. Awkward face is awkward.

I was mostly inspired by Richard Chai Love's latest collection and in particular this look:

Richard Chai Love Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

I didn't think the collection was particularly daring or super fun, layers for fall is not exactly a stretch, but I did like the silhouettes he created and would for sure wear all the clothes, especially to class during the winter when I just want to be warm and comfortable and somehow still end up not looking like a total slob? yeah, that sounds like a feasible plan.

I've also taken to wearing my scarf inside my sweater a la CDG because I'm still completely obsessing over this collection. Perhaps I will visit my friend in Tokyo and convince her to hold up a CDG store with me? and instead of raiding the registers we'll just load all the clothes onto our moped and speed away? AH HA HA MARRY ME. I really need to find a new deflection...

but seriously CDG let's get married.


  1. cute! you're poppin out color more than CDG, which i like, so i say this is a happy marriage of fall+christina.
    are you implying there is a store for CDG in tokyo? should this be on abby's and my visit list?

  2. I actually am I terrible person and have no idea. When I wrote this I thought, I should probably look that up and then I thought, but I'm too lazy. look it up! there probably is! Rei Kawakubo is SOOOOOO AMAZING and the love of my life and you are BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS HER. jealous. and creepy. points!

  3. Love the blog. Saw you in the sartorialist comments box. You had me at 'greetings tiny readership'. You need to have a 'follow' button though...good luck!

  4. Thanks! I added an easier to find follow button just for you. awwwwwwwww.