Friday, February 19, 2010

Jean Cocteau was a hipster and for once hipsters didn't ruin everything

As everyone knows Hipsters Ruin Everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. That is except for when they actually do something GROUNDBREAKING and PUSH THE BOUNDARIES OF ART and such, in which case they get to be avant-garde or visionary or bohemian geniuses. In other words, acceptable. (yeeeessssssssssssss)

Well, everyone knows Jean Cocteau was hipster (perhaps a given because he was French?) but he was like the hipster leader, and he did everything there ever was to be done, so that makes him legit despite his hipster status. Too legit to quit. ugh, me. Anyway the real point to all of this (rambling) is that I just watched Jean Cocteau's La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast) and it was so beautiful I had to share. When it came out in 1946 it must have been really high budget because the special effects, sets and costumes are incredibly lavish and amazing for the time. I was reading in a article that these candelabras in the Beast's castle BLEW everyone's minds when it was in theaters which I thought was really charming and quaint because everyone can see that they're just people's arms sticking out of holes in a black wall. I'm soo pretentious and 21st century. jeez.

see? totally obvs.

crazy neckline embellishment

lovin' the head piece that attaches to the dress!

BY FAR my favorite costume!
an amazing voluminous night gown
made of a veritable waterfall of tulle.

mad special effects where she comes through a wall really slowly!

I was so taken with how fantastical, crazy, beautiful and labor intensive the costumes were the whole time I was watching the movie. I always think it's so great when costume designers can synthesize so many different time periods into one coherent vision like this which takes from fashion from Medieval times through the Baroque and a few things even from Victorian and Edwardian tailoring. It was a really impressive and beautiful vision.

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