Friday, March 12, 2010

singles awareness

This is just a wrap up of a bunch of single looks that I really liked from some collections that weren't as striking to me as a whole. These are really brief and not at all in depth because there's a lot (I say this as if it's something different than what I usually do...)

I'm just really digging this buttoned all the way up shirt plus slouchy pant look. Much more sophisticated looking than my usual every day look, but just as easy. I'll be taking steps in this direction.

Love this texture and those shoes.

This seems to me like the 30's meeting the 70's and I really can't see how you could not see the beauty in that. I would love to wear this all the time if winter did not exist.

Chunky embellishments are great.

I love the form and structure this dress takes on.


I love this window pane-ing, it reminds me of punch cards for jacqaurd looms or old computers or something. AKA AWESOME.

fab coat.

This needs no words. But here are some anyway IT'S AN ORANGE LEATHER CROP TOP AND HIGH WAISTED SKIRT. ok those were some great words.

I don't really remember this collection, I just liked what he was wearing. unintentional burn.

I just want to be this.

will ya CHECK OUT that volume!

who doesn't want to look like they came out of
Oh, Brother where art Thou? because I certainly do.


I LOVE THESE SHAPES. LOOK at those god damn tights. speechless.

I just want a shirt with a cute face on it.


I'm going to Pompeii tomorrow, so I'm going to see wonderful, enthralling, ancient Roman wall paintings! They are full of deep vibrant color and very weird imagery, I'll pick some choice ones out for you all and we'll have a blast with them, promise.

Monday, March 8, 2010

moar overload

I have more fashion week things that I've been mulling over for you today. The posts to come are those that I saw and wasn't instantly wowed by. I know that sounds bad, but it's really not. Sometimes some things require more of our time than we are willing to give them at the moment, for example while you are trying to catch up on all the fashion shows you've missed in the past four days and judge by the first ten looks whether you should keep looking right now, or save it for later. These are the ones I looked through all the way and were intriguing enough for me to say " I'm going to put some of your looks into a folder on my desktop so I definitely wont forget to come back to you and look these over again." They're just a little more subtle, or a little slower maybe, and that's definitely not a criticism.


If I did have a single criticism about this collection, it would be that I don't think some of the fabrics drape in a way that is as elegant as the piecing or the silhouettes, however the more I look at the collection the more I find the small amounts of detail and ornamentation to be going against the sharp geometric moments and that push and pull is what keeps me looking.


I'm really just a sucker for knits. And I like these a lot. And there's that blue and orange again. And some sheer. And some small layered ruffles. And you know. Those knits are so chunky and textured and soft looking.

I'm so painfully predictable.


I am. Going. to Kill Someone. Forthatpinkfuzzycoat. I don't even know why. It's not anything I have ever even thought of wearing or owning or have imagined would be great. And yet, there it is. BEING SO GREAT. Love the awkward styling. Love the tie dye. love Tao Okamoto. So you know, she's there. Not loving the super dark lipstick. I've been seeing that a lot these days, what do you all think of it? I am on the fence.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Issey Miyaki fall 2010



so many fashion weeks too many fashion weeks

I don't even know which fashion weeks these collections come from anymore. Does it matter? Do you care dear readers? I truly do not give a damn, dear readers, so let's just talk about these shall we?

These collections were my favorites (so far, OH YES there is more.) but I'm not going to ramble for there is too little time!


Everyone is talking about the collection as a whole and how Prada took the most agreed upon not chic materials and made them work so incredibly well. I agree, I even almost like the pleathery material. However, what really got me were the knits. I am a knitter and knits are something I didn't have a lot of or pay a lot of attention to a.) coming from Florida b.) before I started knitting. Now that I do knit, and have to dress for the winter without sacrificing style I really appreciate knits and how versatile, tactile and overall amazing they are. This collection makes me do that even more, I love the chunky but not heavy feel to the fabric, the texture of the chunk, and the cable on the stockings? (not pictured) AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. I feel a knitting project coming on.


Mostly I love this some of this collection was model by awesome older ladies, who are lookin' SUPER snazzy. However I do love the easy going preppiness and THOSE SHOES. The construction of that white top and black dress are also pretty exciting to me, like seaweed? or a car accident? wow, those two things are very different.


umm, pretty. I think this is all I need to say. An updated version of Alberta Ferretti's pretty which is continuously awesome and I need a green fur cape instantaneously.


UGH fulfilling my every wish to be a Loli-girl without the pedo factor. Darkish sweetness with those geometric/art deco-y details. That last skirt? I think I'm in love. The dress with matching/attached (can't tell hope it's attached) cape? perfection. The collection as a whole maybe got a little repetitive, but I was so unconcerned because I was just thinking "yes... yes... more... I need more so that I may wear one every day of my life..." switch creepy voice off now.


Burberry was as per usual excellently wearable and so not just re-statements. Loved the color, loved the texture, those shoes are KILLER and the fitting and proportions were impeccable. Be prepared to be jealous of Emma Watson.


I really loved this collection for the story it told me. The more I look at it the more I'm convinced that this collection is based off an eccentric retiring general whose never actually been in a war but has been moved all over the world and has collected things and lives in luxury. Kind of reminds me of what my Grandfather might have been were it not for a string of incidents that prevented him from continuing to be a general. Otherwise though I like the mix of colors most of all I think, and the fabrics used.


I REALLY really loved this collection. This is one of those collections where I just instantly love it because I would wear everything, not because of the artistry or admiration for the craft, although I'm sure those things are also well done (If I could see these clothes up close) But just looking at photos I just love the silhouette and the dressing down of the looks with sweaters and the color and the all over patterning and texture.


I kind of feel the same way about this collection although I think it was better styled. The colors remind me of Nanette Lepore's collection because of the deep hue and probably the velvet. (A VELVET SUIT HOLY SHIT) Anyway I'm a huge fan of blue and orange and this blue was taken away from the cobalt that everyone's using into the neighborhood of rich and sumptuous rather than popping and the orange was taken more in the direction of rust rather than these more eighties inspired oranges we're seeing around, so I'm a fan. I'm also loving the different weights of the fabrics in conjunction with each other and the different textures of fabrics together. Love the polka dot pants, love clashing stripes, love Norwegian-y sweaters, what's not to love really?


This collection was so wonderfully modern and feminine and utilitarian and the same time. I kind of love those sneaker boots, which I've read are pretty flat. I think they're a nice play on comfortable sports wear versus what they're showing. I also love that stupid little detail of the laces at the top, it's pretty cheeky if you ask me. Anyway I think those kinds of details bring this collection into the realm of elegant sportswear, because these looks while harkening back to the 50's and 60's in the idea of elegance and the silhouette looks incredibly comfortable and easy. That's where you can begin to see 1920's influence in the freedom of the female form and it's ability to move freely and comfortably while still being elegant. I think that long lithe feel, especially in the black velvet dress really comes through nicely.


just, you know, STRUCTURE. PADDING. SPACE. MECHANICS. SPACE MECHANICS. UNIFORMS IF YOU WORKED ON BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, BUT NOT COSTUME LIKE AT ALL JUST REAL CLOTHING FOR (sprakles) THE FUTURE (sparkles). OK glad I got that out of my system. Basically yes that is how I feel but also on a more serious (battlestar galactica IS serious!) level I really love how well the structure and geometry (I'm talking about the skirts here mostly) don't AT ALL interfere with the human form, but somehow add to it even though you don't really know how. The structure and the ribbed padding on the jackets works in the same way, even though I think that's easier to accomplish, but I think Goldin struck a fabulous balance between making her clothes stand by themselves and be impacting and glorious and their own entities of awesome while still fitting and being made for the human form rather than changing the human form into something else, or overtaking it with a geometric vision. That's why these clothes are still wearable for a large audience rather than Lady GaGa and a few friends, which is a hard place to get to and she did a great job positioning herself right on that line.


Did I talk about how much I love knits? Innovative knitwear is THE BEST. I think Kao's execution of what she wants is still a little rough around the edges, that dress is not as elegant as I think it was supposed to be, and the knitwear is really the focus of the collection in that it seems the most thought out and considered as opposed to the rest of the collection which feels like it might be new territory for Kao. New territory is scary and hard so I commend her for experimenting with other things when she probably could've popped out a great collection centered around knits. YOU GO GLEN COCO. I'm interested to see what comes next.


I really wanted to save Pringle of Scotland for last because I'm pretty sure it was my favorite collection, but that last one really didn't fit in anywhere else! (don't look ahead, you'll see it in a second!) Anyway I just wanted to give this collection honorary caboose status. Now, I love the collection as a collection and I love the fabrics and the colors and the textures and the patterning and all that jazz but there's something I loved over all those things. Clare Waight Keller wove cashmere with a soluble yarn that dissolved when the material was washed, leaving a mesh of perfect little cashmere squares. What I love is that this new way of working with fabric became as much a feature of the collection as the slouchy pants with deep pop out pockets. According to, "Waight Keller based the trousers on fishermen's waders..." which goes so nicely with the mesh or "fish net" of the fabric she created. The silhouettes with the pleated skirts really felt like celtic warriors with chain mail or like Roman armor, this all comes to mind of course because of the house's obvious connection with Scotland. Without that connection I'd probably be talking about drop waist skirts and looser silhouettes. Anyway what I really loved about this collection was its consideration of fabric, they way we make it, the way it can still be innovative, they way it handles and is held together to make a plane and how that should relate deeply to fashion and what we put on our bodies. Innovation should come not only in the form of patterns, silhouettes, skirt lengths, and structures but also in what the clothing is made of and the materials that are used to clothe our bodies. Clothing is kind of like architecture for your body, it's the closest thing to your skin everyday and the fabrics you use and how they feel and move are important to human beings as well as to how they drape or how beautiful they are to highlight the clothing. I loved that this collection moved the making of fabric forward as much as it moved fashion forward.


what can I say really. really. I would like to be that crazy old eccentric lady when I'm an old artist with too many animals. Louise Gray has made that path a little easier and I thank her for it.

Much more fashion week to come, BUCKLE UP KIDS.