Monday, May 24, 2010

Resorting to an escape

I'm not really a huge fan of resort lines usually, or of the idea of a resort line in general, but it's something that goes on and I think it's still interesting to look at and because the feeling of resort lines is usually less important and more carefree it's kind of interesting to see what designers do when they want to be on summer vacation. What do you think of resort and pre-fall collections? I feel like it's too much sometimes, I mean who is buying all these clothes coming out of four collections a year?

Anyway that said, Dior KILLED IT this year. Their resort collection was French Riviera, the 60's, Pan Am, small dogs, big hips, sexy ladies, attitude, huge sun glasses, luscious lips, and the kind of girl who does all that in Miami and New York.

I just really love the texture on this piece.

The New York side

...and the Miami side.

Chanel on the other hand, seemed a little all over the place. It was very rich-city-people-on-vacay-at-St.Tropez and I think that's okay, but it lacked some direction and I don't actually know how much of it I really liked. For example, it's difficult for me to understand how I got from this:

(which I really love) this:

(which I thought was pretty awesome, I mean, sequin hot pants + hippie beads for shirt= win)

even though I saw it happen.

However, I love some of these awesomely adventurous and barely there looks like go go boots for the beach and a crochet suit.

I just like this yellow and I'm appreciating the awkward 90's dress, makes me feel like I'm seeing Alicia Silverstone everywhere.

I though Bottega Veneta was a little heavy, but I'm digging these wetsuit shirts. They're pretty smokin' with that slicked back hair and those voluminous shorts.

I'm having a fun time dressing in a totally not edgy but way too colorful Florida way, but looking forward to professional wear and more city grungy Baltimore looks when I leave next Tuesday (on a road trip with my dad!) I'm also excited to speak at my former Middle School tomorrow! Nothing fancy, I'm just going to visit to talk to the visual arts major kids about my work and art college and stuff, but it should be fun, they're always so cute.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Comme des Garcons and Ninjas? what more could you want in life.

SO I've officially decided that I'm going to put together an illustration portfolio this year, probably focusing on fashion illustration, kind of for fun and kind of in the hopes that I can get a couple of free lance jobs here and there once I graduate or during the year. while this is obvs super in the works, (as in I decided this an hour ago) here's my first sketch! consider my illustration career officially taken off!

This is obviously inspired by CDG's F2009 blanket coats and tulle shifts, and I drew her with a Katana (probs not even accurate because I wasn't using a reference) because Comme des Garcons is Japanese? Because then she gets to be a bad ass flying through the air? Because then I get to give her Lucy Liu hair? WHO KNOWS. I just made up the thigh highs and shoes, although those may change with the final draft, I like the idea of Proenza Schouler booties. I need to get it down on bigger paper and color it, but I'm really excited to spend my free time this summer putting this together!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

oh wow.

I am now officially returning from a hiatus which I obviously forgot to announce.

go In any case! now I'm back from my semester abroad and a short trip I took with my boyfriend so a long summer of making wedding gifts for too many weddings, an internship at the Walters Art Museum's Rare Books and Manuscripts Department, sewing, and biking stretches ahead of me and although I might struggle to keep up with this blog during my senior thesis I'll do my best and I'll definitely shower you with attention this summer!

That being said please shower my friend Annie Wu with attention on Elle Magazine's "Dirty Little Secret" site because she did and will be continuing to do all the illustrations for this project. She's incredibly talented; I think the fact that she got this gig before she even graduated speaks for itself. You can watch an interview of her where she explains a little about her work and her process in the "Backstage News" section. So keep an eye out for the first episode which airs next week!

resort season is in the air, more on that soon.