Friday, May 21, 2010

Comme des Garcons and Ninjas? what more could you want in life.

SO I've officially decided that I'm going to put together an illustration portfolio this year, probably focusing on fashion illustration, kind of for fun and kind of in the hopes that I can get a couple of free lance jobs here and there once I graduate or during the year. while this is obvs super in the works, (as in I decided this an hour ago) here's my first sketch! consider my illustration career officially taken off!

This is obviously inspired by CDG's F2009 blanket coats and tulle shifts, and I drew her with a Katana (probs not even accurate because I wasn't using a reference) because Comme des Garcons is Japanese? Because then she gets to be a bad ass flying through the air? Because then I get to give her Lucy Liu hair? WHO KNOWS. I just made up the thigh highs and shoes, although those may change with the final draft, I like the idea of Proenza Schouler booties. I need to get it down on bigger paper and color it, but I'm really excited to spend my free time this summer putting this together!

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