Thursday, May 20, 2010

oh wow.

I am now officially returning from a hiatus which I obviously forgot to announce.

go In any case! now I'm back from my semester abroad and a short trip I took with my boyfriend so a long summer of making wedding gifts for too many weddings, an internship at the Walters Art Museum's Rare Books and Manuscripts Department, sewing, and biking stretches ahead of me and although I might struggle to keep up with this blog during my senior thesis I'll do my best and I'll definitely shower you with attention this summer!

That being said please shower my friend Annie Wu with attention on Elle Magazine's "Dirty Little Secret" site because she did and will be continuing to do all the illustrations for this project. She's incredibly talented; I think the fact that she got this gig before she even graduated speaks for itself. You can watch an interview of her where she explains a little about her work and her process in the "Backstage News" section. So keep an eye out for the first episode which airs next week!

resort season is in the air, more on that soon.

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