Monday, March 8, 2010

moar overload

I have more fashion week things that I've been mulling over for you today. The posts to come are those that I saw and wasn't instantly wowed by. I know that sounds bad, but it's really not. Sometimes some things require more of our time than we are willing to give them at the moment, for example while you are trying to catch up on all the fashion shows you've missed in the past four days and judge by the first ten looks whether you should keep looking right now, or save it for later. These are the ones I looked through all the way and were intriguing enough for me to say " I'm going to put some of your looks into a folder on my desktop so I definitely wont forget to come back to you and look these over again." They're just a little more subtle, or a little slower maybe, and that's definitely not a criticism.


If I did have a single criticism about this collection, it would be that I don't think some of the fabrics drape in a way that is as elegant as the piecing or the silhouettes, however the more I look at the collection the more I find the small amounts of detail and ornamentation to be going against the sharp geometric moments and that push and pull is what keeps me looking.


I'm really just a sucker for knits. And I like these a lot. And there's that blue and orange again. And some sheer. And some small layered ruffles. And you know. Those knits are so chunky and textured and soft looking.

I'm so painfully predictable.


I am. Going. to Kill Someone. Forthatpinkfuzzycoat. I don't even know why. It's not anything I have ever even thought of wearing or owning or have imagined would be great. And yet, there it is. BEING SO GREAT. Love the awkward styling. Love the tie dye. love Tao Okamoto. So you know, she's there. Not loving the super dark lipstick. I've been seeing that a lot these days, what do you all think of it? I am on the fence.


  1. The Julian Louie collection is absolutely beautiful, I WANT IT! Great post. :)

    Sarah from The Etiquette Cult

  2. Isn't it luscious?! I want everything I post. unless I talk about how I don't like it I guess..